go on – stuff y'face

Devoted to Informing on the Age of Gluttony ~ Disrespectfully.

Go on – stuff y’face. You know you deserve it.

Go on stuff y’face you mindlessly conforming1, relentlessly indulgent2, unique and very self-important3, most likely fat4,  nutritionally ignorant5, environmentally inconsiderate6 coddled person – and don’t say you’re not because you are7.

High Tea at the Hotel – A Deeply Confronting Scene of Unrestrained Indulgence By Fat People! If You Care, Do Not Show Children.

So there it is.  Your “Freedom of Choice” – in a box or on a stick and your dumb confidence in what your body can take.  Do you actually care what your body can take8?  Your choices could just tip you over the edge.

May already have.

Your local neighbourhood cemetery is full of people like you who reckoned the world couldn’t get by without them.  I have some news about that.  When you check out, it’ll get on a whole lot better without you than with you.

And that’s because you deposit a big Read the rest of this entry »


Many Funerals

I figure . . .

The more funerals I ride a bike to than drive to, the more funerals I’ll ride a bike to than drive to.

Outdoor Manual Work – Fresh Air & Sunshine on this side of the grass.

Believe me – the most important aspect of funerals is not the person being buried or the bereaving loved ones left behind.

The most important aspect of funerals is being able to walk away from them – or, in my case, ride away, on a human-powered vehicle known as a bicycle.

Quite possibly the very worst thing one can do, here in our consumption focussed, lifestyle disease-ridden, financially decadent, morally unhinged, narcissistically possessed, politically correct and generally crumbling Western civilization in which all fools must be suffered as their democratic right demands, is to drive everywhere one can possibly drive to.

Like, to the supermarket, that warehouse of all that is unfit for human consumption, to stock up on marginal food items that provide low nutritive value and quite possibly, no net value at all, considered against the long-term damage they promote.

Experiment.  Try this – You can only walk to the markets, say 5 kms / 3 miles away and bring back only what you can carry.  What would happen? Read the rest of this entry »

Advertising – The Fine Art of Lying.

“Never tell a lie when you can bullshit your way through”.

It speaks for itself.

Eric Ambler1– Dirty Story, 1967.

But first . . .

Selections from Mr. Natural’s ‘Lexicon of Living a Modern Life’.

Lying: noun – A focussed act to insert a specific falsehood into a system of beliefs to avoid the consequences of that juncture being occupied by the truth and / or to derive the benefits of that juncture being occupied by a falsehood.


Lying obviously takes skill and the best lies require high intelligence.  The liar must appreciate truth and values.  To construct a lie, there has to be knowledge of where the truth lies.  The better that knowledge, the better the lie.

But, to have no regard for where the truth lies when constructing a proposition of inducement is not quite lying, yet is also lying of sorts as the perpetrator can never be certain that what they assert is anything but true.  This style of lying has its own subtleties, for the intention here is to lead you, that is, mislead you to make a decision you may well not have made.

So, the “lie” lies in the intent to induce – and if it is necessary to communicate truths to do this, all the better.  Especially if reliance is placed in well-known truths or things that are thought to be true – ie: your sacred misconceptions and your desire to not contradict the authority structure.

We can now appreciate just what an advertising executive does.  Even if what is said or written is superficially or ostensibly true or compelling, the intent remains always one of deception – making you act in a way otherwise than what you would have done, if you would have done anything at all.

Perhaps this is what is meant by the descriptive term Read the rest of this entry »

Dead Gluttons’ Society

It is written that “The wrath of God came upon them and slew the fattest amongst them.” – Proverbs.

Good one GOD.  The Genocide of the Gluttons.

The Bibles are just bursting with God-inspired genocides.

No wonder then, in the good old days, people really took notice of YOU, along with other of the 7 Deadly Sins0, a sort of neat little early history “how to behave” pop-up, wherein you’re supposed to tick all the boxes.

But what’s happening now?

I mean – they’re everywhere now, back in large numbers, ruining your pristine Creation as they wax fat with nary a care in the world.  You see them in every corner restaurant and the cake & coffee shoppes, wallowing in their gluttonous, slothful debaucheries, ever so self-satisfied, stuffing their fat faces as their expansive butts overflow the seats, with their puffy red faces and their fat no-necks and their fat, grasping hands.

Mmmm … Mmmm. Tasty. Go on – have another one. You know you deserve it.

Fat no-necks I tell you.

These days, you are actually admired for your conspicuous consumption.  Living larger gets respect, admiration and envy, another of the 7 Deadly Sins.  It perpetuates itself, like a machine on full throttle – out of control.

This can’t be allowed to continue.  We need to see bodies in the street.  Lots of them.

Like the old days – remember?  Back then YOU got RESPECT.  Like when you stitched up this rotten lot.

I’ll remind you – – –

And he smote the men of Bethshemesh, because they had looked into the ark of the LORD, even he smote of the people fifty thousand and three score and ten men: and the people lamented, because the LORD had smitten many of the people with a great slaughter.” – Samuel.

Hahaha – just for looking at some little ark thingy.

50,000 and another 70 to boot.  That extra 70 adds a nice finishing touch.  Nothing overlooked.  In modern parlance – a major historic inflexion point.

If You can do in 50,070 people just for that, what the hell could You do to people who relentlessly despoil Your wonderful Worldly Creation.  A hell of a lot more, that’s what.  And that’s got to be the truth.

And for the rest of us goodie goodies who do respect Your Creation – – –

It is written that:

 “The righteous shall rejoice when he sees the vengeance. He shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.” – Psalms.

Hey – Nice.  Happy to wash my feet if that’s de rigueur after a Divine Slaughter.  Do Your worst.  Er – Your best.  Whatever. Read the rest of this entry »

J. Stynes – Yet Another Australian Footballer Misled About Food?

Indeed are we truly immersed in a sea of endless media health BS.

(Indeed are we truly immersed in a sea of endless media BS, now the foundational stone underpinning our great and glorious Western liberal democracy, itself looking none too healthy.  But back to the main point).

How can any normal person without life sciences credentials wade through it all to work it out.  Quite impossible unless gifted with vast intellectual skills.  Perhaps one reason that the media is saturated with fools and manipulative ones at that.

It seems that for Mr. Stynes, Football Player, food was a central pillar of his life.  Whence did his misguided ideas spring?  As footballers go generally, they age into a fairly unhealthy lot.  Withstanding that penetrating, deconstructive intellectual analysis just ain’t their scene .. .. ..

For that I’ll blame Read the rest of this entry »

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread . . .

Go On – Feed Your Inner Parrot.

“Give us this day our daily bread”.

This comes from Matthew 6:11.

“We Won’t Get Fooled Again”.

This comes from The Who, an English 70’s rock band, still active.

And, oh yes, you will get fooled again.

And again.

By those commercial interests who you trust most.

Because they understand you very well and they know what you don’t know and cater well to that.  They recognize your absence of any ability for deep immersive thought and critical analysis.

For contrary to popular thought, there is indeed no such thing as an essential food, an underlying and unstated assumption behind the sentiment expressed in Matthew (and the government “approved” food pyramids).

Yet back then, when those words were written, what understanding did the authors have of human nutrition, embedded as they were in a post hunter-gatherer farming environment in the West and the Middle East, a heavily altered environment that bore no resemblance to the pre-farming, pre-history life of those very fine, strong, generally long-living, robust hunter-gatherer homo-sapien sapiens?

There were, at the time of writing and rewriting of Matthew, Read the rest of this entry »

Deathproof – The Zombies Are Out There, Dr. Kevorkian.

Food for Immortals - American Fries with 3 Types of Cheese. If you can survive this, you are immortal.

There is a stage of life between live and death.

It gets none too much attention.

You get a sense of it visiting hospitals.

That’s the stage of life after the one you’re probably in now.  This life stage you’re in now – I like to call The Bold As Brass Stage of Life.

You know that one.

That’s where you’re abusing yourself – oops, I mean indulging yourself – oh, sorry sorry – I mean appreciating fine dining with alcohol, sweets, more alcohol, hidden sugars, hidden fats, obvious fats, HFCS, maybe tobacco, certainly refined foods along with generally over-eating and let’s  not overlook watching TV nor sitting around the place to discuss your very important opinions, to name the usual suspects.

After The Bold As Brass Stage of Life comes The Zombie Stage of Life, unless and for the greater benefit of the silent majority – being society at large – do you very responsibly leap directly to Read the rest of this entry »

The Biggest Abusers

But first . . .

Selections from Mr. Natural’s ‘Lexicon of Living a Modern Life’


Commercial Television: noun phrase – What lies ahead of you and what lies in your past is nothing compared to what lies to your face.


A defining aspect of today’s society is just how much we like life’s losers.

Taps into some sort of national inferiority complex.

Successful people are intimidating.  They make you feel small.

To be quietly successful is somehow to be pretentious.  Those who’ve just got it all together no longer rate.

Commercial television is there to service your neurotic personality.

The media of the lowest common denominator, catering to an audience that no longer reads but surfs, doesn’t write but texts, serving up endless entertainment of the trivial and trivialized, because no serious subject can be dealt with intelligently, for reasons described below.

Their narrative is on the level of the autistic –  stilted, unimaginative, retarded and repetitious.

Not looking around for any disparaging remarks to direct at The Biggest Abusers, Read the rest of this entry »

Predators in Spandex – Corporatized Health Clubs

But first . . .

Selections from Mr. Natural’s ‘Lexicon of Living a Modern Life’.


Political Correctness: n. phrase – A polite, socially contrived term for, you know –  lying.  It’s what your children learn from you.


Just in case you hadn’t noticed, darlings, there’s no money in health.

Not a cent.  No siree.

There is money in ill-health.  Lots of money.  And there’s going to be more.

The guys from the corporate world figured this and looking for another angle to make serious money, moved to take over gyms everywhere and turn them into health club chains.

Last century, when I started working out and in the century before, a gym was pretty much a private affair.  Generally some none too salubrious rat hole of olympic bars, plates and hand weights with badly attired, shady looking unshaven types hanging about, which included me.  No machines to speak of.  Free weights.  That was it.

The owner was a privateer, an enthusiast and not in the money.

There was no money in it.

BTW – our interest was health, strength and looking good with our clothes off.  My wife always said I looked better out of clothes – not a reflection on my dress sense, as I am led to believe.  But then you never know!

Nowhere to be seen were the fat-ass set, a now definable demographic with their double chins, their 4WD’s, their overweening, nauseating sensitivities and their superficial political correctness.

Back then we had a life.  Now we have a lifestyle.

Gyms, it was decided, needed a facelift. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Eat; Notes on GI.

Cooking books on how to eat merely sanction our indulgences.


They’re now written by celebrity chefs or fame and wealth aspirants who know not much or nothing about health or biochemistry and if they do they probably don’t care about your health anyway because health science is inimical to their commercial cooking success and income.

Which is also why most professional cooks, after a good decade and a half at their trade, look none too healthy.  Hardly surprising from what they eat.

Some go on diets that have them eating other than what they normally cook and recommend.  The rest?  They just don’t care.  Hmmm.  A touch of fraud and hypocrisy here?

The now very popular, highly impressive, visually deceptive, even more resource wasting and expensive molecular gastronomy is the ultimate bastardization of food biochemistry (until the next fascinating food fad).  An extension of  the process biochemistry food chemists used for years, now catering to the  top-end-of-town set.

Food social elitists.

So, Mr. Natural’s uncompromising guide to Read the rest of this entry »

Vegetarian Nut Jobs

We're not Monkeys or Fruit Bats and Fruit is not all it's cracked up to be if you are a Homo-Sapien.

Vegetarian Nut Job or Fruit Head? We're not Monkeys or Fruit Bats and Fruit is not all it's cracked up to be if you're a Homo-Sapien Sapien.

But first . . .   

Selections from Mr. Natural’s ‘Lexicon of Living a Modern Life’.


Polemicist: n – A person educated in the subordinate disciplines of human social arrangements – philosophy, politics, management, law, economics, accounting – who insinuate themselves into all the realms of public intellectual affairs.  They are satisfied by winning the argument without regard to the facts.


Their special subject area – forecasting the future.


Future: n – For each of us, that time of unbounded hope and a period of prosperity, true friendship, assured happiness and enduring health. 


Science: n –  The most disagreeable of the fundamental disciplines, as the majority see it.  Science gives you the means to make the cake and then tells you that you can’t eat it.



Freedom of Choice: n. phrase –  An endowment of civilizational advance, opportunistically yet undeservedly enjoyed wherein one chooses to satisfy one’s needs regardless of any or all consequences.  From such freedom springs enslavement.



Asceticism: n – A one-sided and so misguided “contractual” arrangement, arbitrarily  entered into wherein one pledges thus – “I will do certain special and difficult things and I will get a special reward that elevates and separates ME from you”. 


Sycophant: n – A mirror to your narcissistic self.  Look for them within your personal and professional circle. 


These special things must necessarily entail denial, the suppression of normal desires, self-mortification, sometimes pain and physical punishment.

Ascetics are just one example of the high functioning, socially maladjusted type, possessed always by an outsized sense of themselves and forever lost in the rapturous contemplation of their own assuredness.

They seek to normalize their pathology through ideology, the formation of groups of like-minded believers and defended with a super-structure of polemics to ward off discomforting facts1.  Often works too and do people get taken in?  Well, yes they do.

You may have wondered just what the relatively young and now deceased Steve Jobs Read the rest of this entry »

Quotes of the Fat and Famous

And now to heap opprobrium upon the environmentally insensitive and desperately deserving,  by reflecting off their own words . . .

“I unashamedly enjoy my food and drink . . . “.

From one very overweight British businessman abroad.  We note the early use of the rebuttal adjective, indicating perhaps a glimmer of self-consciousness.

Dresses very dapper.  Looks aged beyond his years.  As at 2011, early 50’s (my guess).

Currently shooting for Richest Man in the Cemetery Award.  Ten years to lights out, maybe (also my guess).  Then he’s a winner.  But it’s a field crowded with contenders these days.

Like an overweight horse, he’ll be sure to rapidly wear out his leg joints and so need an over-sized electric wheel chair we increasingly see cluttering up the already congested public walkways to the justifiable irritation of the lean and nimble.

Likely to leave behind a wealthy widow, a large bank account and a full wardrobe of exquisitely tailored men’s clothes.  Hey – nice!  An endowment for the next guy.  The unexpected heir.

One could say – our British businessman was working for the welfare of the widow’s next husband, one could (say). 

He better appreciate it.  He probably will.  I mean – who wouldn’t?

<< to be continued >>

Mr. Natural – – –

If You Can’t Eat The Foods You Love, Love The Foods You Eat

Gastritis, Indigestion and Acid Reflux are on the up and up.

Rather than applying moderation and judicious choice in what the damn hell you are going to punish your unsuspecting body with today, you’ll be champing at the plate to pile it all down your throat while whining on how impossible it is to lose weight.

Fortuitously help is at hand. Read the rest of this entry »

Your Desk-Bound Office Job With Computer Is Sapping Your Youth – One Minute At A Time

But first . . .

Selections from Mr. Natural’s ‘Lexicon of Living a Modern Life’.

“Job”: noun – whatever a person is expected or obliged to do at the place of employment.

“Design”: noun – implying purpose, as in “Intelligent Design”, which according to some is what we resulted from and that  being the case (it isn’t), you’d  question just how intelligent it was as so many things go wrong with us all our lives, so requiring constant new medical advances just to keep us on our feet, courtesy of man-made Science rather than from the heavenly dispensations of an ethereal deity or deities.

“Job Design”: noun phrase – derived from the above and based upon some magically optimal yet illusive Read the rest of this entry »

How To Live Forever Or Die Trying – Oh Please God, Let Me Live Longer . . .

 SìChuān Province: There I was, out in the backwoods of the centre of China and sauntering about are middle-aged and older rural  folk and most of them are as skinny as the really young folk, which means they all look like beanpoles.  In the modern East coast Chinese cities, Type II Diabetes is well entrenched and the number of obese Chinese children apparently matches the population of France!!

Wow!  In China, all the numbers are big.

Why is that?  Why is it that these traditional living, none too young rural country folk are slim, yet modern middle-aged and younger city folk are fat, suffering diseases that were  uncommon a hundred years ago, beyond the ones taken care of by good hygiene, so important with modern, high density living? Read the rest of this entry »

In Defense Of Your Food Choices

Michael Pollan, the New York born food journalist wrote a book entitled “In Defense of Food”.  Hmmm.  Interesting title, but . . .

It’s really not food that needs a defense; it’s YOU.

Let’s face it.  You really know nothing about food.  Nothing – right?  Right.

Not to put too fine a point on it . . .

You’ve never worked in a food factory.  You’ve not been engaged in the food supply chain.  You’ve never seriously deconstructed a cooking recipe, let alone studied food biochemistry or human biochemistry.

Could I add . . .

Never read anything on digestion or investigated digestive disorders.  Never studied human performance and food régimes.  Never questioned the government sanctioned food pyramid.  Never deconstructed the underlying appeal and propositions of food advertising.  Never checked the various known and possible causes of diseases.  Never challenged the social constructs concerning normative food consumption proscriptive behaviours.  Never understood how trans-fats are made and why they are used.  Never wondered how it is that others can dictate what you put down your Read the rest of this entry »

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